Arlberg Trail and Way of St. James

Two very interesting hikes through the Klostertal:

Arlberg Trail and Way of St. James

Preparation for the hike

H. Tiefenthaler wrote in 2001 a detailed and very valuable work about the alpine traffic culture on the Arlbergweg, peppered with historical data and interesting details.

Quote from this preliminary study: „The Klostertal section of the Arlberg Trail surprises with an extraordinarily high variety of experiences

In terms of transport history, it could almost be understood as an open-air museum of the Arlberg“.

This path was walked by us between Landeck and Bludenz.

For the hike, the Austrian maps 1:25 000 V , 1230-East Schruns, 2225-West Klösterle am Arlberg, 2225 Sankt Anton am Arlberg with trail markings are very suitable.

In the following, this route from St. Anton am Arlberg via St. Christoph in the direction of Bludenz to H. Tiefenthaler is briefly explained.

The duration of the stages was according to our estimate. Good condition is a prerequisite for completing the route in two days.

Stage 1

St. Anton, St. Christoph, Wald am Arlberg, Dalaas: approx. 7 hours

The ÖBB train station in St. Anton was chosen as the starting point because it is very convenient to reach by train. In the station hall there is a commemorative plaque to the construction of the Arlbergbahn. As you pass by, it is worth taking a look at the monument to Emperor Franz Josef I, and you should also visit Julius Lott Park.

The hiking trail to Moos is marked, further up cross the federal road and up along the Maienweg to the Maiensee lake to St. Christoph. This section is one of the most beautiful parts of the stage.

From St. Christoph we walk along the Rauzbach to the loading area of the material cable car and change to the north onto the path north of the federal road. These wonderful glacial striations above the abandoned quarry must not escape our observation.

At Rauz we should go south again and use the ski slope, because the path in the hollow of the Kendeldohle is very overgrown and we have to go along the main road to Stuben. However, should you be interested in visiting remnants of the old Flexen road, it is worth the effort over the undergrowth in the Kendeldohle.

From Stuben the route continues along the Alfenz river. Flexenbach (Stubenbach, Stubigerbach) and Rauzbach bring the Alfenz to way.

From Langen am Arlberg we follow the marked path along the abandoned railroad road at the Großtobel Murschuttkegel over the Wäldletobel bridge to Klösterle and then past the Gisel to the beautiful station building in Wald am Arlberg. We go down to Innerwald or Außerwald, where some good and nice accommodations are available.

From Klösterle center there is also the possibility to hike along the Alfenzuferweg in the south to the bridge at the rest stop on the S 16, from there continue over the bridge to the provincial road, power station Spullersee and to the Obere Gasse.

Stage 2

Wald am Arlberg, Dalaas, Bludenz: approx. 7 hours

The upper alley is well marked as a route. The local museum is located in Außerwald, to the right of the path.

The crossing of the Radonatobel and the forest is no problem and so we soon reach Dalaas.

The route continues first through the Dalaas tunnel and then down past the community along the Alfenz river.

Then via Müß to the west to the Fallbach.

Here we leave the inner Klostertal at the narrow point of the valley (Fallbach-Enge), go north or west into the outer, open Klostertal to Gatschief, Innerbraz, Außerbraz, Radin, St. Leonhard, where we reach the monastery of St. Peter in Bludenz on the Gasünd Ridge.

Before heading for the train station in Bludenz, we should make a small detour through the old town to one of the coffee houses.

The Way of St. James in the Klostertal (P. Lindenthal, 2008):

By Peter Lindenthal a good book published by Tyrolia Publishing House in 2008, entitled: „On the Way of St. James through Austria“. This book is also a very good companion with accurate directions and good clear routing.

From Obere Gasse Innerwald the route is identical with the Arlbergweg to Mühleplatz Innerbraz.

From this point Lindenthal chose the Alfenzweg to Radin and from Radin the variant north of the Gasündrücken via Rungelin, Halde to Bludenz.