A summer like back then

A summer for memories

Nature that inspires

Lush, green alpine meadows. Watching the sun sink behind the mountains in the evening and make the Alps, as they say in Klostertal, glow. Experiencing the feeling of breathing fresh, cool air early in the morning and drinking water that comes directly from the mountains and has the quality of mineral water. Mosquito-free, soothing sleep.

The magnificent nature is what makes a vacation in the Klostertal unforgettable. The hiking trails start at the front door: relax on long walks through the forest, picking wild berries for a snack.

Experience the feeling of climbing a rugged peak, because a hike is also always a journey to yourself. Nature also offers the perfect playground for children. And if it should rain, you can find out what life was like for mountain farmers in the past at the local history museum in Wald am Arlberg.

It’s the simple things that are free and yet priceless.