Valley of natural forces and rural culture

Every little spot, every tree, every bigger stone – everything has a fascinating history, everything is connected with memories. The Klostertaler has its own dialect. He speaks the way the „Schnorra gwachsa is“. The dialect is an invaluable asset that should be cultivated and preserved, and the locals attach great importance to it. If you are lucky, you can hear how much the locals are committed to their valley during a „gemütlicher Hock“, as they say in the Klostertal. In „Dalooser Liad“, for example, or „Auf der Grafenspitze stehe ich“.

There are no limits to curiosity and the thirst for knowledge. There are many small monuments, chapels that belong to the gems and treasures of the monastery valley.

The viewers of the ORF program „9 places – 9 treasures“ have chosen the Dalaaser Formarinsee at 1793 m above sea level as the most beautiful place in Austria.

The Formarinsee is located at the end of the Zugertal, in the middle of the Lechquellengebirge. Above the lake towers the Rote Wand (2704 m), which did not get its name by chance: A striking band of red limestone runs through the mighty mountain.

This rock layer is rich in ammonites – extinct Cretaceous cephalopods – which proves that this region was a tropical sea 145 million years ago.

Imposing peaks guarding the idyllic lake make the area around Lake Formarin a paradise for hikers. From Dalaas a beautiful hiking trail, initially through deciduous and coniferous forests, leads to the lake in a good 3 hours. But even those who prefer a more leisurely pace do not have to do without the spectacle of nature: With the hiking bus you can comfortably drive from Lech am Arlberg to the vicinity of the „Freiburger Hütte“. The hut is a popular destination at the Formarin Lake.

The Red Wall, on the other hand, is only something for experienced hikers and sure-footed mountaineers. Spectacular routes, which have names like Freedom or Sangre de Toro (Bull’s Blood), lead to the summit in the upper area at the tenth degree of difficulty.