Ski tours in the backcountry of Sonnenkopf

Never before seen snow worlds present themselves to ski tourers with the exhilarating feeling of having conquered the mountain. Ski tour Sonnenkopf/Obermuri over the Lobspitzjoch – Silbertal – Christberg – Dalaas. One of the most beautiful ski circuits on the Arlberg.

Note: Please pay attention to the current avalanche report for every tour and inform yourself sufficiently before you tackle a ski tour.

For experienced and very good riders: Eastern Eisentalerspitze, 2753 m

For this tour there is a shortcut via the Sonnenkopf lifts (Glattingratbahn): From there, drive south past the Omesspitze and southeast down into the Eisental. Then ascent to the Eisentaler Spitze. Finally, over a steep snow slope to the ridge and continue to the summit. Departure northward into the Eisental valley.

The long version of the ascent: Start in Langen am Arlberg (1165 m) at the freeway maintenance depot (parking available).

At first it is quite easy on a forest path in the direction of Nenzigast Alm (1476 m). Then begins a more difficult climb. The Nenzigast valley then runs out into the Wintertal valley, which in turn is closed off to the south by a striking steep face. In front of this we must now keep going up to the dilapidated Bettleralm (1996 m). Thereby a wide, 30° to 40° steep western slope has to be overcome (only possible in safe conditions!). Then long traverse of a western slope also steep up to 40° at the foot of the Kaltenberg (2896 m). We follow the course of the summer path, the so-called „Stubener Weg“ in the direction of the Neue Reutlinger Hütte (2359 m). There you reach the so-called „Wild Plain“. At the end of the „Wildebene“ we reach the firn basin of the Eastern Eisental Glacier. On the last meters, the upper part of the steep, south-exposed summit flank has to be traversed.

DESCENT: Approx. 700 meters altitude difference on the north flank of the peak directly down into the Eisental. In the course of this, very steep terrain steps have to be negotiated again and again, which require absolutely safe avalanche conditions. Steep slopes followed down into the Nenzigast valley.

For beginners: Muttjöchle


From the top station descent to the middle of the practice lift. From there first west then southwest on the ski slope to the top station of the Riedkopf drag lift. From here southwest (in a slight left turn) over the flat ridge to the summit.

Departure: There are two variants:

  1. From the summit a short descent (about 200 meters of altitude) northeast from the summit through the hollow to the plain, then another short ascent to the top station of the drag lift and then descent on the slope (in bad conditions you can also follow the ascent track).
  2. From the summit over the ridge first in a northwesterly direction onto the plain, then west through the forest to the Kristbergsattel and from here on the forest road and from the top station of the Paludalift on the slope to Dalaas to the valley station Paludalift (there is also a bus stop).

Ski touring guides

  • Ski school Klostertal, Erich Melmer; T +43 / (0)5582 – 788
  • Sportshop Skibase Arlberg in cooperation with Stuben Guides and Ski School Stuben a.A; T +43 / (0) 664 – 7948901 od. +43 / (0)5585 – 20157
  • Alpine Center Lech; Tel: +43 /(0)5583 – 39880,